DS Basic Life Saving Adults – Level 3

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DS Basic Life Saving Adults – Level 3

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Advanced Life Support Skills
• In-depth training on advanced airway management techniques.
• Instruction on intravenous (IV) access and administration of medications during emergencies.
Cardiac and Respiratory Emergencies
• Comprehensive coverage of managing complex cardiac and respiratory emergencies in adults.
Medical Equipment Integration
• Hands-on learning about the integration and utilisation of medical equipment in resuscitation scenarios.
Scenario-Based Simulations
• Practical, scenario-based simulations to enhance decision-making and critical thinking skills in real-life medical situations.
Team Leadership in Resuscitation
• Development of leadership skills to effectively lead a resuscitation team in clinical settings.
Legal and Ethical Considerations
• Detailed understanding of legal and ethical aspects relevant to advanced life support in adults.
Effective Communication
• Emphasis on clear and concise communication within a healthcare team during emergency situations.
Online Format
• The course includes a combination of instructional videos and assessment.
• Participants may have access to online resources, such as manuals and guidelines.
• Successful completion leads to certification, which needs an annual renewal.


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