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DS Fire Safety

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Understanding Fire and its Characteristics

  • Introduction to basic principles of fire behaviour
  • Characteristics of fire, smoke and toxic fumes
  • Effects of fire on materials and structures

Identifying Fire Hazards in the Workplace

  • Common fire hazards in various working environments
  • Assessment of workplace fire risks and findings from fire risk assessments
  • Importance of fire prevention measures and hazard mitigation

Promoting Fire Prevention

  • Strategies for preventing fires in the workplace
  • Importance of good housekeeping, storage practices, and electrical safety
  • Role of individuals in practicing and promoting fire prevention
  • Recognise and comprehend fire safety signage

Emergency Response Procedures

  • Means of raising the fire alarm and activating emergency response systems
  • Actions to take upon hearing the fire alarm, including immediate evacuation
  • Instinctive response to fire or smoke detection, including safe evacuation routes

Fire Safety Equipment and their Use

  • Types of fire extinguishers and their classification
  • Proper selection and use of fire extinguishers based on fire types
  • Safety precautions and best practices for using fire extinguishers effectively
  • When and how to use a fire blanket

Evacuation Procedures and Escape Routes

  • Importance of familiarity with evacuation procedures and means of escape
  • Staff responsibilities during a fire emergency, including assisting others and reporting to designated assembly points
  • Evacuation aids
  • Know the right Action to take

Fire prevention

  • Fire Triangle
  • Sources of Fire
  • Fire Doors
  • Risk Assessment
  • Case Studies  – legislative changes
  • Fire Awareness

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