DS Fluids, Nutrition and Hydration

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DS Fluids, Nutrition and Hydration

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  • Introduction to relevant legislation
  • Importance of Good Nutrition and Hydration

Nutritional Intake

• How to assist an individual with their nutritional intake

Consequences of Poor Nutrition and Hydration

  • Insight into the adverse effects on patient outcomes, including increased morbidity and extended hospital stays

Impact on Healthcare Service

  • Analysis of how inadequate nutrition and hydration can strain healthcare resources and affect overall service quality

Signs and Symptoms of Malnutrition and Dehydration

  • Identification of clinical indicators for early detection and intervention

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST)

  • 5 Step Tool to identify individuals who are malnourished
  • MUST key features
  • Where and when to use MUST

Daily Intake Requirements

  • Guidelines on the recommended daily intake of fluids and nutrients for different populations

Principles of Food Safety and Hygiene

  • Best practices to ensure safe preparation and handling of food to prevent contamination and foodborne illnesses

Care Worker Responsibilities

  • The role of healthcare providers in monitoring, assessing, and supporting patients’ nutritional and hydration needs

Legal and Ethical Aspects

  • Compliance with regulations and ethical considerations in providing adequate nutrition and hydration


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