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Welcome to your CSFT mandatory training course on behalf of Distinction Solutions.

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CSTF Mandatory Training Courses

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Introduction to CSTF Mandatory Training

Welcome to your CSTF Mandatory Training course on behalf of Distinction Solutions. This course is a classroom based course with online training elements. You will only receive your certification once you have completed both parts to this training.

The training that you are about to undertake has been specifically developed to ensure each training module achieves the required learning outcomes necessary to comply with the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).

CSTF Mandatory Training, offered by health and safety training experts like Distinction
Online, is a crucial component of professional development in various industries. This training is designed to meet the requirements of the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), and it provides individuals and companies with several significant benefits.

Ensuring Compliance

Our CSTF Mandatory Training ensures that individuals and companies comply with industry standards and regulations. Compliance is critical in sectors such as healthcare, social care, and education, where adherence to specific skills and knowledge standards is mandatory. Failure to comply can result in legal and financial consequences.

Enhancing Competence

This mandatory training is structured to cover a wide range of essential skills and competencies relevant to the specific industry and it also equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their roles effectively and safely. This not only improves individual competence but also contributes to overall workplace safety and efficiency.

Improving Safety

Safety is a paramount concern in many industries, including healthcare, construction, manufacturing and many more. Our CSTF Mandatory Training course includes modules on health and safety, infection control, and other critical topics. By completing this training, individuals and companies can reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and the spread of infections in the workplace.

Quality Assurance

By completing CSTF Mandatory Training, individuals and companies can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high quality standards. This can enhance reputation and trust among clients, patients, and regulatory bodies. It also reduces the likelihood of costly errors or incidents that can harm reputation for yourself or company.

CSTF Mandatory Training Course Structure

Your course is divided into individual training modules; At the end of each module there is a multiple-choice Q&A to ensure you have understood its content.

You will need to complete each relevant Q&A to progress to the next module.

What is CSTF Mandatory Training, and Why is it Important?

CSTF Mandatory Training refers to the essential training modules designed to ensure healthcare and social care professionals meet the required standards for safe and effective practice. It covers vital topics such as health and safety, infection control, and safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. This training is crucial for upholding patient safety, complying with regulatory requirements, and maintaining professional competence.

Who Needs to Complete CSTF Mandatory Training?

CSTF Mandatory Training is typically required for healthcare and social care staff, including nurses, doctors, carers, support workers, and other allied healthcare professionals. Employers in these sectors often mandate this training to ensure all staff members possess the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality care while adhering to legal and regulatory standards.

How Often Should CSTF Mandatory Training be Refreshed?

The frequency of CSTF Mandatory Training refreshers may vary depending on organisational policies, regulatory requirements, and the nature of the role. However, we generally recommend you to refresh key training modules annually to ensure knowledge remains up-to-date and skills are kept sharp. Employers should assess individual training needs and provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development to maintain compliance and enhance patient care standards.


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