DS Safeguarding Children Level 2

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DS Safeguarding Children Level 2

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Safeguarding Children Level 2 is a comprehensive training programme
designed specifically for healthcare professionals to equip them with the knowledge and skills
necessary to identify, respond to, and report concerns of child abuse and neglect. This course
focuses on the legal and regulatory framework surrounding safeguarding children in the UK,
with a particular emphasis on the responsibilities of healthcare professionals within the health
and social care sector.

To gain concise and up-to-date information regarding ‘Safeguarding Children (Version 3)
training’ to meet the requirements set out in your workplace, it is vital you give this subject as
much attention as is practically possible. All ‘Safeguarding Children (Version 3)’ training must be
taken seriously, and in doing so, the benefits will help you grow and maintain a good working
practice within your career

Course theory content will be made available after purchasing the course

Our course is made up of 2 components.

  1. Course Theory
  2. End of Course Test

This course has an 85% pass percentage required to successfully achieve the qualification.


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